Fudgley’s Favorite Day

It is Friday and Fudgley is excited because every Friday he has organized a special for all of his fudge loving friends. Mention this special or show us a posting on your phone from Facebook, Twitter and the like and get a half pound of fudge free when you buy a pound. Fudgley loves this special because his friends can give some fudge as a gift, freeze some for later and enjoy some over the weekend. He works with the staff to be sure they make all the favorites and some new flavors every Thursday just to be ready for Friday’s special.

Fudgley has had an interesting week. Between the road being closed and the snow storm last Friday he has been busy keeping tabs on the progress of his beloved downtown Evergreen. Fudgley thanks all of the community for their understanding and patience during the last ten days. He is grateful that the damage under the road was found during a construction project now rather than having the potential of having a serious accident later. He can hardly wait for the trail to be completed. Those stairs at the lake hurt his feet if he is not wearing his high top tennies.

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