Fudgley’s First Evergreen Fudge Experience

The ant’s antennas were quivering with anticipation as he entered the shop. A lady welcomed him and invited him to a sample of the shop’s fresh fudge. He walked to the counter, licking his lips as he read the labels on the blocks of fudge. In front of him were flavors like double dark chocolate, chocolate pecan turtle and mint chocolate chip. He had never seen fudge flavors like true salted caramel or crème brulee.

“I’d like a taste of that hot fudge sundae” he said. He popped the bite into his mouth. It was chocolaty, it was pea-nutty, it was gooey good from the two layers of marshmallow cream that seemed to drip from the top and down the sides of the big block of fudge on the counter. The only thing missing was the brain freeze one gets from taking too big a bite of ice cream from their hot fudge sundae.

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