Meet Taffy

The big city was getting old. The pace of life was fast and Taffy wanted to just get out of the rat race, or in her case the ant race. Her creativity was being stifled by the amount of work that was being put on her desk at the design firm she was working for. Mind you, it was a great place to work. But when some of her coworkers quit to start their own firm she was left to pick up the slack. All she was hoping for was that some new artists would be hired soon. Her boss had ads in the right places, but the right talent had not yet shown up.

Taffy’s boss knew that he needed to give her a brake. He told her to take a four day weekend and head to someplace tranquil so she could recharge. He handed her an envelope and told her to just relax. She opened the envelope to find a reservation card for a place called Highland Haven and one for a place called Bears Inn. That evening she called her best friend M. The two of them planned not one, but two weekend get-aways in a little town called Evergreen Colorado. It was only an hour drive and since Taffy’s best friend could only get away for Saturday and Sunday they decided to make one trip that weekend and one in a few weeks.

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