Remember the Old Taffy Shop?
RedTaffyMany visitors remember the old taffy puller in the window of the original Evergreen Taffy Shop. Customer memories sent us on the hunt for the best saltwater taffy available. We are proud to offer over 30 flavors of the best quality taffy made in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our taffy is made to order. We buy in small batch orders about every three weeks, which keeps our taffy fresh, soft and flavorful. Select from traditional vanilla, strawberry and banana or try something new like chili mango or red velvet cake.
Take a trip down memory lane… Do you remember?
CandyonShelvesButtons on Paper, Black Cows, Slow Pokes, Licorice Pipes, Zotz, Pop Rocks and many other nostalgic candies are available for your enjoyment. Many are made in America, some are produced in Europe as they were when we were growing up. Stop by and remember the tastes of your childhood.

EVERGREENOriginal Taffy sign from the old taffy shop that was popular and closed 25 years ago. This sign was used in Georgetown, CO.