Taffy heads to Evergreen for a four day weekend

Friday morning was the first day of Taffy’s four day weekend. She slept in, did a little laundry, packed her weekend bag and cleaned her apartment. Around one o’clock she splurged and got a pedicure and manicure. Around 4 o’clock she and M. left for their weekend. Traffic was heavy on I25 heading north. They could see the mountains that were getting closer by the minute as they headed west on I 70. M. commented on the view as they drove. About 40 minutes had passed as they crested the hill at Genesee.  The sun cast a brilliant glow over the snowcapped peaks in the distance. “It is lovely.” said Taffy. The colors really struck her creative side. Her mind’s eye would remember this scene for some time to come.

The exit read Evergreen Parkway. About ten minutes later they were driving down the hill and past the lake into the heart of Evergreen, a historic downtown area. A few blocks more and they arrived at Highland Haven. Taffy was impressed with the quaint cabin like buildings on the property. A creek ran under the little bridge they drove over to get to the lobby. Taffy and M. checked in with the friendly lady at the front desk, dropped their bags in their room…. Freshened up and headed out for dinner.

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