The Saga of Fudgley

1 EVERGREEN WELCOME SIGNHe came from parts unknown. A rather willowy figure dressed in his black high top tennies and denim overalls. His black round rimmed glasses framed his green eyes to a tee. Most red ants do not have a sweet tooth, this dude was the exception. He could smell a quality confection from miles away. His mom called him Fudgley, because, when he was a little ant, he always had chocolate fudge smeared on his face.

As time went on he began to seek the ultimate fudge; one that was flavorful, creamy, the kind of fudge that would make his eyes roll back into his head. His quest brought him to Colorado, word on the trail was that a shop in the foothills of the Rockies had what he was looking for. He hunted for months. Then one day in the spring of 2010 he found himself heading into a town with a lake and friendly people. The sign at the top of the hill read “Welcome to the Heart of Evergreen”.